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In a winter of snow, ice, below-zero temperatures, fender-benders, and school closings, Nature sometimes creates its own form of entertainment.
WINTER: most of us have at least one that stands out in memory. The year the snowdrift came over the
This year the 104th Geraldson Family Christmas Party was celebrated in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on December twenty-first. The party has survived
This week I am pleased to introduce you to Lucy Burdette, author of twelve mysteries, eight written as Roberta Isleib.
     "She generally gave herself very good advice," Lewis Carroll said of Alice in Wonderland, "though she very seldom followed
As a fan of British mystery writer Caroline Graham, I was thrilled when her "Inspector Barnaby" books were translated to
"Everybody, sooner or later," said Robert Louis Stevenson, "sits down to a banquet of consequences." Wonderful quote. I've used it
    This week I have the privilege of introducing you to award-winning mystery writer G. M. MALLIET, whose books,
This past summer I attended my high school reunion and reconnected with friends I hadn't seen since that warm day
Perseverance is one of life's great virtues—something we admire in others but shrink back from learning ourselves. This is because