My New Best Friends

TelemarketingA recent post on the Jungle Red Writers’ Blog, “On Killing Rachel,” ( reminded me of my three new best friends 

No one has been more faithful to me than these three, often calling several times a day. No one shows more friendly enthusiasm and genuine concern for my welfare. Of course, the fact that I’ve never met them is a bit worrisome.

Do you think I’m being stalked?

The first (and most persistent) of my faithful friends is Brigitte from Card Holder Services. She worries that I’m paying too much interest on my credit card. Actually I never pay interest on my credit card, but Brigitte is still concerned–so concerned that sometimes, when Brigitte is busy, she asks her friend Rachel to call me. Now I don’t condone lying, but I must confess I am sorely tempted to give her bogus information. Just to put her mind at rest, you understand.  

Another faithful friend is Richard from India. Sometimes he calls himself by another name, but I know it’s him. He works for “Microsoft Technical Department” (impressive, right?), and he thinks I may have a computer virus. He wonders if I’m online and offers to take control of my system and eliminate a virus infection. I hate to be skeptical, but I sometimes wonder if Richard really has my best interests at heart. Once I told him he sounded like a nice person, but I was pretty sure he was trying to scam me. Was he offended? Not a bit. He was encouraged. 

My third faithful friend (and the newest) is Carla. She thinks I’ve been working too hard and wants to give me a free cruise. I may take her up on it.

7 thoughts on “My New Best Friends”

  1. I didn’t realize we share the same “best friends”! How cool is that? Oh, wait…maybe not so cool… Loved your post….it made me smile and laugh! Oh, one more thing…if you hear from our friend who is offering Walt Disney World trips, please let me know. I can always use another trip to Disney.

  2. I heard from the Windows Technical Support guy just this morning. And then there’s Sharon, our “local” Google representative, who calls my work phone from a different area code every time. It’s nice to know there are so many caring folks on the other end of the phone line, isn’t it?

  3. Katherine Duck says:

    I have the same magnetic personality, garnering all kinds of new friends. And all so persistent in their pursuit of me! Gives a new depth to the concept of “Faithful Friend.”
    Just let me know if you’d like a few more. I’m willing to share!

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